Thursday, 22 October 2009

Le Caroux from Vieussan

Le Caroux (Cebenna) with cloud blanket

The mountain of Le Caroux, about 12Kms from Lamalou-les-Bains, forms a 1000m high plateau. Great for walking and a haunt of the re-introduced Corsican Wild Sheep, Le Mouflon.

According to legend, Cebenna, a beautiful and powerful daughter of the Titans, fell passionately in love, but was abandoned by her lover and fell into despair. Distraught, she climbed into the highlands of Languedoc and lay down on Le Caroux to die. Touched by this devotion, the gods of nature turned her body to stone to lie there for eternity. Cebenna gave her name to the Cévennes. You can see her profile in the photo, head to the left. After yesterday's rains she lies covered by a blanket of cloud.

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