Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Tournemire walk

View of Tournemire from the Cirque, Roquefort in the distance

Mostyn and I took a trip to Tournemire in Aveyron for our regular Tuesday walk. Aveyron isn't strictly in Languedoc but it's not too far away! We reached the top of the impressive Cirque de Tournemire after a short but steep climb. Despite very cold and rather cloudy conditions the views were superb. Roquefort (where the cheese comes from) is just across the valley on the side of the rocky hill which contains the caves where the cheeses are matured.

There is a beautifully restored Caussenard farmhouse on the top of the cirque. The typical chimney stacks and the wonderful stone-flagged roofs are shown in the photo below.

Restored Caussenard farmhouse, Les Fournils

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