Sunday, 2 May 2010

Montpellier snake

Montpellier snake Malpolon monspessulanus
This is probably the commonest snake in the region, this photo taken in Hérépian. The Montpellier snake (Coulevre de Montpellier in French) is a member of the family of snakes known as "back-fang vipers". The poison fangs are at the back of the jaws and the snake needs to get a very good hold before it can use them. Consequently it isn't dangerous to humans (unless one tries to stick ones hand down its throat!). This individual is fully grown and measures close to 2 metres long. Sorry for the blur - it saw me just before I pressed the shutter and slid quickly away under cover!
(Canon EOS450D, Sigma 17-70mm @ 70mm, 1/200s @ f/7.1)

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  1. bonjour!!
    j'ai eu votre adresse grace à vos amis d'herepian.j'habite à 300 m de la couleuvre!!!et jusqu'à ce jour je n'avais fait que l'entendre!!!


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