Sunday, 6 February 2011

Farewell to Languedoc

Murviel lès Béziers
On February 5th we flew out of Béziers after selling our house in Lamalou-les-Bains. This photo was taken from the plane and shows the circular village (circulade) of Murviel lès Béziers. Many villages developed as circulades in the south-west of France from the 10th century onwards. The villages were arranged in a defensive circle around a hilltop château and church. Murviel is just a few kilometers from Lamalou-les Bains.

From now on, this blog will only be updated during our visits to France to see our many friends there. The return to England marks an end to an enjoyable 7-year adventure and I would like to record our thanks and best wishes to the friends we have left behind. Thank you Sue and Andy, Christine and Mostyn, Tuesday and Mike, Joy and David, Maggie and Nigel, Lindsey and Stan, Mark and Yvette, Trish and Martyn, Jennie and David, Maureen and Steve, Janie and Bob, Louise Razaq and Yasmine, Mary and Chris, Denise and Louis, Linda and David, Cheryl and Roger, Katy and David, Père Tayac, Sœur Maïthé, Susan and Ray, Lynda and Pete, Juliette and Royce, Genevieve and Jean-Paul, Marie-Claire and Jean-Bernard, Bernadette, Rosemarie and Jaques, Luce Yves and Virginie, Régis, Dawn, Françoise, Annick, Katia, Pauline, Martine, Yvette, Sheila, Georgette and Denis, Claude, Jean-Michel, Cor and all at Riols choir, Zona and Sandy, Christine and Jack, Joan and Jack, Joyce and Tony, Jenny and Alan, Brand, Sally, Trish and Roger, Bobbie and Colin, Alison and John, Chris and Bryan, Val and Linda and all at Grace Church. We love you all - and I apologise for anyone we have missed!

A bientôt!

George and Lyn
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